Workshop I Video and Policy Memo Email sent out

Thank you to all the competitors who came to Workshop I! We hope you enjoyed it and learned more about how to write a policy memo from Professor Brooke Capps.

Following the event, we have sent out an email which includes some important competition materials:

  1. Video of Workshop I -
  2. Professor Capps' power-point presentation on how to write a policy memo
  3. The official grading criteria the Committee will use for scoring
  4. Guidelines for writing and formatting the policy memo
  5. Sample policy memos from previous years to use as references when writing your own
  6. The roles that the judges will be playing on competition day, which should be kept in mind when drafting your proposals

We want to remind you that policy memos are due Friday, April 8th at 11:59PM. The Committee will choose the best thirty memos, six from each topic, and those groups will have the chance to present in front of our judges. 

Next workshop will take place on Monday, April 11th, 6.00PM on the 5th floor of the Kaufman Management Center. Professor Stehlik of NYU will be giving advice on presenting your proposal the day of the competition.

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions you might have at